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Hey guys! Well I create this special pages just for this online shop. It's not mine, I'm just helping to promote them. It's called "Wristbands And More". Wanna more about them? Follow my journey!

This is their Pages on Facebook.

They selling to Worldwide! You can pay by 
credit card or debit card. (:

They selling almost everything you might want. They're selling wristbands, perfumes, t-shirts, button badges and so much more imported from the US and UK. 

Whatever you want, if they can source it, they will help you buy.

So, interested about their shop? GOOD.

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Thank you for your time to reading this site. If you want me to promote your online shop, you may request it. Ask me on twitter @Nis_Lya  :)
Or you can comment on here. :)

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