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So, my name is Hanis. 5 February 1997 was the day I made my mum screamed. I lived in Malaysia. Yes, I am Asian. Problem? I'm short. Black hair and eyes. If you want to know more of my story, you can ask me any question.

What I will blogging about?
Well, I will post the story of my life. Kinda like a diary but I will not post everyday.

 What is My Reason for Blogging?
I want to share my story of my life with you guys. I want to meet new friends from all around the world. 

I don't care if you hate on me. Don't waste your time to comment here that you want to say that you hate me. But if you don't give me a respect of my religion, World War 3 will start. And If you say a bad things about Justin Bieber or One Direction to me, World War 4 will start.

Sorry for my simple blog. Semua ini hanya untuk ber-bisnes sahaja. :)

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