Monday, 27 May 2013

Memories That I Will Never Forget

One of my memories that I will never forget is went to Greyson Chance Autograph Session, on 5 November 2012.

Bila dah sampai2 je, haaa! Tengok la! Dah ramai dah yang beratur.

Semua orang dapat cupcake semasa beratur! Yummy!

Kami beratur selama 3 jam!! sebab tunggu greyson! Fiuhh..

Whoop! dah masuk dah! ;)

Whoop whoop! almost there!
Time tu, greyson balik dari tandas :p

Tangan penuh dengan barang! Yg bag tu, utk greyson :)



Tadaaaaa! Akhirnya Nampak jugak Greyson!
Time tu memang jerit gila pig!

He soooo cute!

Bila dah sampai kat dia, hanis cakap, 
"Hi, greyson!"
greyson, balas "Hi!"

OMGG! He sooo cute!

Lepas keluar dari FOS, memang kami menjerit!

Thank you greyson. :)

OMG! His fingerprint !

That's all I want to share with you guys! Bye!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Me? 16 years old?

Me? 16 years old?

Hey! this is my first post on my new blog!  I have another blog. But, it's in Malay language.

So, we all in 2013 right now! And of course we all have new determination, right? Just forget the past!
I'm 16 right now but not official yet ;) SOON! 

I determined that I want study hard from now! No more "honeymoon".. No more Bieber.. ehh?? hehe.. Don't worry, I'm still beliebing no matter what!  ;)

ugghh.. I'm so stressed this year! In school, I must learn "add math" :(  It's so hard! I hate math -_- Never love that subject! And that teacher is so bored! I don't understand what she's teach me :/  lazy lazy lazy!

I want eat ice-cream right now because I'm stressed. lol
Why eh when someone stressed they will eat chocolate, ice cream, etc..? 
Because.. STRESSED = DESSERTS  ;)   

So, bye!!  xoxo (:
**My "English" is broken? HA! GOOD!**